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ArchonPC Gaming PCs

​Whether you’re a competitive eSports gamer, an online streamer, or you prefer to play super high-resolution sightseeing games, we have you covered.

You don’t even have to understand technical jargon to get exactly what you are looking for. With our pre-configured PCs, you can get straight to the games you love with ease. Alternatively, you can simply customise your very own PC to your liking with our easy-to-use configuration tool.

If you need any help choosing the perfect PC for you, simply contact us and we can put a quote together for you.

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All our ArchonPC Gaming PC's feature the very latest in graphical hardware! Featuring the latest Nvidia RTX 4000 series & AMD Radeon RX 7000 series graphics cards.

These paired with the latest AMD or Intel processors will give you an unrivalled gaming experience. Whether playing high FPS 1080p or if you're more into sightseeing games, 4K, you'll get the ultimate enjoyable experience.


We only provide the best when building our ArchonPC Gaming PC's. With us you'll never get any ketchup & mustard internal cables! We only provide solid black cables throughout our machines ensuring that your dream machine is aesthetically pleasing.

Prefer to configure your own gaming pc?

Craft the ULTIMATE 💪 gaming weapon with ArchonPC! We offer a large selection of customizable parts – from sleek cases to cutting-edge processors – so you can design a gaming PC that perfectly fits your budget and crushes your in-game foes. No pre-built limitations here – choose exactly what you need to dominate the competition. 🔥


Want Something Sooner?

Craving instant gaming glory? Skip the build queue and grab an

ArchonPC pre-built beast today!

Dive straight into smooth esports action, stunning AAA worlds, or anything in between with our ready-to-go rigs. No waiting, no fuss, just plug, play and win.

Plus, with 3 years labour and 1 year parts warranty, you can game with confidence.

Unsure What to Buy?

Forget the confusing components and endless research - ArchonPC takes the hassle out of finding your dream gaming rig.


Dive straight into epic adventures with our recommended pre-configured gaming PCs, crafted for both ease and performance.


Stop configuring, start dominating!

Our detailed hardware guide provides a clear breakdown of essential computer components. Learn about each part's function and how it contributes to your system's performance. This informative resource empowers you to make informed decisions about configuring your PC & optimizing your computing experience.

PC Hardware Guide

Choose Your Perfect PC Companion