Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions below are a legal agreement between you (the customer) and Garner Tech. These terms and conditions apply to all services supplied from Garner Tech.

In these terms and conditions, any such reference as “Our”, “We” and “Us” refers to Garner Tech.

You (the customer) are responsible for giving us (Garner Tech) all necessary details for the service. This may include:
-Email Address
-Detail of what is/ isn’t working.

Once we have taken all the details, we will carry out a full diagnostic test, which often requires taking apart the machine. After the diagnostics have been done, we will supply a full quote for parts and labour which you (the customer) can decide to agree or disagree to. We will often offer an alternative option.

Once you (the customer) agree to the quote, we will keep you up to date if any changes have to be made. If the quote price changes, we will only go ahead with your consent.

All prices include VAT. If the estimate is over £200, we require the price for parts upfront before we start the service.

The customer has full legal ownership of all data stored on the computer equipment and we will not access it without customers consent.
Data loss can occur if damage/ fault to the unit involves is the storage drive and we are not responsible for backing up any data. There are no guarantees that the data will remain on the machine.

When the job is complete, you (the customer) are required to pay in full via Cash or Bank Transfer.

If you (the customer) proceed to not pay for 7 days (once the service is complete and has been collected), you may be charged a further 5% onto the final price per week until fully paid.
If it proceeds over 60 days, we can take legal action.

If we are unable to supply any service we will not be held liable for any compensation or damages as a result.
If there is no fix for the problem, we will not charge you for any other charges. We will only charge you for the diagnostics.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact us.

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