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Computer Services

Here at Garner Tech, we offer a wide range of computer services to keep you up and running.

Service Area: Kent & Sussex, England.


Garner Tech Computer Service Price List


  • Windows Reinstall
    (*may need additional licence if Windows doesn’t pick up your previous)
    - £50 (£41.67 ex vat) / £110 (£91.67 ex vat) w/ Windows licence.


  • Hard Drive Recovery
    - £120 (£100 ex vat) (*may incur additional charges if you’d like the recovered files onto a new drive.
    *To confirm, not 100% of data can be recovered. If any new data has overwritten the previous inside the drive then chances are those particular files may be lost or corrupted.


  • Data Transfer (Old-New PC)
    - £60 (£50 ex vat)


  • PC Setup
    - Microsoft Account (We can set you up with one if you haven’t currently got one).
    - Windows Updates
    - Software Install (Such as Microsoft Office - we sell the latest lifetime version for a great discount).
    - *If you’d like your data transferred from your old PC or laptop, please see pricing under “Data Transfer (Old-New PC)”.
    - £80 (£66.67 ex vat)


  • Hardware Installation / Upgrades
    - £60 - £120 (£50 - 100 ex vat) depending on how much you’d like installed.


  • Hardware Support / Fix
    - Our hourly rate @ £40 (£33.33 ex vat) per hour + any new hardware cost.


  • Any other work will be charged at £40 (£33.33 ex vat) an hour.

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