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All About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Welcome to Garner Tech! We are a computer system building and technical service company based in the Kent/Sussex area. At Garner Tech, we pride ourselves in providing high quality, yet affordable, products for our customers. We aim to take the stress out of buying a new computer, all while providing the hands-on support only available from a local business.

Whether you’re making the transition from a console, looking for an upgrade, or just in the market for some genuine software, look no further than Garner Tech.

Our High Standards

Here at Garner Tech, our passion for technology drives us to deliver quality support to all of our customers and to ensure the best possible experience. We use the highest quality hardware in our machines, all of which can be fully customised and tailored to you. Both the software and hardware that we use at Garner Tech is all legitimate from our suppliers. All of our computers are hand tested to ensure that there are no issues when receiving the machine. We especially focus on cable management and cleanliness, making sure your computer looks as good as it performs! We provide fast service and insured shipping (5-8 working days from purchase) sitewide, together with frequent updates on the progress of your computer’s arrival.

Our Competitive Pricing

Our PCs are competitively priced against the largest hardware brands such as Dell and HP. However, at Garner Tech, we accommodate a 1/1 direct service working with your requirements and your specific budget to create the best machine for you. Unlike major manufacturers, all of our computers are fully customisable even after purchase. When purchasing a new machine, we also deliver a trade-in scheme at Garner Tech. If you wish to upgrade your computer and would like to make use of old hardware, contact us via email and our team will be able to quote you for potential trade in credit with your purchase.

Customer Care

At Garner Tech we pride ourselves on our genuine, friendly customer service and helpful communication. Our friendly staff work closely with you to quote you on a computer, working with your desired budget and requirements. We give free-of-charge price quotes via email or social media allowing you to view exactly what machine we have custom designed for you before purchase. We additionally have a fast response time that ensures you receive your computer quote quickly. Any questions on Warranty and Return Policy? Click here!

Computer Services

At Garner Tech, we supply a variety of different technical services. We specialise in PC services such as computer repairs, setups, telephone and remote assistance and provide aid with software resets (on a range of devices). We are able to assist with limited console work, subject to specific issue(s). Unfortunately, we do not work with the hardware of phones and tablets (e.g screen repairs) and all Apple products due to not being an authorized Apple service provider.

Click here for more information on our services.

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