Software Help

Software problems are the most common issues people have. Maybe Windows has been corrupted during an update and fails to boot up. We can sort these issues and much more

Computer Health Check
The first step is to know exactly what the issues are. Our health checks are designed so we can give you a full diagnostics report to highlight the issues to take it to the next step.

Computer Cleanup
A clean up sounds simple and that's as it is. We will go through your machine and clear out all the junk and spam and then optimise your computer to make it as fast as it can.

Virus Removal

If your computer is getting slow and you've tried everything, maybe you've got a virus or trojan which is eating away at your system. We can get rid of them all and get your computer back to the speed you remember.

Operating System Upgrades

If you're using a old version of Windows or Mac OS, it may not be supported by the manufacturer anymore. This can cause speed issues as it wouldn't be up to date. We can upgrade it for you!

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