Hardware Repair

The hardware section expands to most of the machine. This could be a hard drive failure or a broken charging port. Or even a broken screen. These can all be repaired and replace.

Laptop Screen Repairs
Laptop screens are one of the most common issues. They can break easily but they can be swapped over and fixed.

Power Input (DC Socket) Repairs
The power socket can get broken just as easily as the screen. Maybe the laptop fell of the table and landed on the socket. This will cause it to snap! We can take the laptop apart and change the socket over for youso you can finally charge your laptop.

Internal Battery Repairs
If your laptop doesn't last as long as it used to then your battery could be dying. This can be caused by over charging your laptop or just general long term use. We can change over the battery for a brand new one!

Keyboard Replacement

Maybe you've spilt a drink on your keyboard and now you can't press some of the keys. We can take apart the laptop and replace the keyboard.

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